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URBAXA is a network for urban planners. Our members are companies, organizations, advisors, experts, and consultants working with urban planning and development.

We offer services that help municipalities and cities develop better places for living. This is what we do.



Physical planning and urban design

Urbaxa offers spatial planning at all scales from urban to urban development, along with the design and manufacture of spatial planning as concrete urban design and urban environment.


Identification, architectonic analysis and evaluation

Urbaxa can define the identity of a town, a neighborhood or any given area you might want to develop. Our unique mix of professionalism makes us able to combine analyzes of the inhabitants of an area and their physical surroundings. These analyzes make us able to exactly pinpoint in which direction a particular development project should go.


Strategic urban planning for the future

With simple principles, our plans help to focus on core qualities and put professional and local knowledge into system and outline new choices. We prepare comprehensive plans, strategy and development plans that provide an overview and set goals and direction. We develop strategy and development plans as long-term action plans, while the overall plans describe reconciled values for specific project and development plans.


Urban renewal and architectural sustainability

Urbaxa presents realized urban renewal projects in a wide range of orders of magnitude and urban historical contexts. The projects convey architectural sustainability, understood as a combination of physical-functional, social-cultural and technical-economic sustainability.


Housing and neighborhood planning

Urbaxa represents a great deal of experience in the idea development, planning and construction of private and general neighborhood-oriented settlement types and residential buildings.


Small towns being prepared for the future

Methodological project for opportunity mapping, resource mobilization and development plan. The city gets a clear strategy and strengthened civil society.

Through the project, the local community is made aware of its unique and enduring qualities, and sees how these can be translated into modern quality of life in everyday life. Citizens gain insight into the preconditions for development and a common understanding of what future it will be possible to create. Against this background, it becomes easier to see and seize the opportunities that can strengthen one's community as something special.


Art and Culture Accounting

How can we measure the use of art and culture in everyday life? Art and culture means a lot to human beings. Heritage has shown to be a most important factor, when it comes to settlement and tourism. Can art and culture also have beneficial results when it comes to healing? To many large institutions, this is a most important question, which could influence the budget for many years to come. We offer analysis and consulting to determine exactly that question.


Analysis as a basis for urban development

We carry out surveys as the basis for community, municipality and urban development. Surveys typically used to develop better habitats, branding, business climate and citizen and business involvement in development processes. We work with studies on settlement, urban life, retail, culture & leisure, health, road safety, future visions and area strategies. In this context, we use various methods such as panels, online surveys, focus groups, statistical analysis and desk research.


Assistance with fund applications

We help raise funds for development projects from foundations and government funds. Our hit rate on applications is based on solid experience with fund applications for urban development. We prepare the application and for larger projects, we organize and assist trial management.