URBAXA is the Swiss knife of urban development

URBAXA was established in 2020 by JWH Architects, Plan Gruppen and Kulturplan. 

URBAXA develops sustainable cities, localities and residential areas where people thrive. We provide processes and plans focusing on sustainable strategies for urban and area development. We are City Planners, Economists, Process Consultants, Cultural Analysts and Architects. Without frills, a sharp bunch that gets the job done. 

We help with the development of cities, areas and habitats. Our approach is the sustainable development of city and country as equal habitats that offer something different. We work to create a common starting point and understanding of the preconditions and opportunities of the areas. The central driving force of urban development is to find what makes cities and habitats special - that which is difficult to imitate and which gives quality to the citizens. We work with this in close cooperation with citizens, business and associations, because they are the actors in the development that is needed to change.

URBAXA supports all collaborative processes in the stages of urban development: from analyzes, processes, dialogues and idea development, to planning, implementation and evaluation.


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